Data analysis platform

The data analysis platform was created by VLIZ in commission of the VNSC, to facilitate options for researchers and other users to analyze the datasets within ScheldeMonitor. This platform consists of a RStudio environment, a collection of RShiny applications, and a GitHUB organisation with dedicated repositories. 

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RStudio environment

ScheldeMonitor provides an online RStudio environment that is accessible to researchers to run their R-scripts in an online and centralized environment, accompanied by data from ScheldeMonitor. This environment is accessible after authentication. The credentials used for this authentication can also be used in the Data Download Toolbox, and can be requested here

Access RStudio
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RShiny applicaties

VLIZ has provided applications made in RShiny, to be used by users to create graphs and figures from data within ScheldeMonitor. Doing so, ScheldeMonitor aims to make data on nutrients, water levels, wave levels and species distribution in the Scheldt estuary more accessible. 

Access Applications
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GitHUB organisatie

ScheldeMonitor has created a GitHUB organisation to be able to apply versioning to projects, that executed in commision of ScheldeMonitor or the VNSC. The organisation consists of public and private repositories, that are dedicated to specific projects and publications.

Naar GitHUB


To support the use of the data analysis platform ScheldeMonitor has provided two manuals, one on the RStudio environment and one on the T2021 GitHUB repository. 

The RStudio manual discusses how users can gain access to the environment, and how a project or repository can be linked to the online workspace. Additionally, guidelines are provided on the correct creation of folders, files, scripts and code. 

The GitHUB manual was made as support for the T2021 GitHUB repository. This repository, which is dedicated to all work done in the T2021 evaluation of the Scheldt estuary, discusses the correct use and installation of Git and version-control. It explains how users can get access to the GitHUB organisation and repository, and which rights they might have. Additionally, rules are given on the methodologie and workflow that should be used in the repository to keep work consistent between multiple contributors.

The manuals have been created in RMarkdown, and are published on the ScheldeMonitor GitHUB organization with GitHUB Pages:

Manual RStudio 

Manual GitHUB

You can also download the manuals in a PDF-format below: